Christie Brinkley is hesitant about marrying John Mellencamp

The National Enquirer claims Christie Brinkley is hesitant about marrying John Mellencamp. A source tells the tabloid: “After a year together, Christie’s still crazy about John. But she worries about his health and she doesn’t want to be a widow. Mellencamp thinks dating should lead to a wedding, but he’s having trouble convincing Christie. Christie is happy with the arrangement she and John have. They live separate lives, but still come together several times a month.”

Gossip Cop claims the story is false

“He feels he owes everybody here an apology because he’s put us all through it,” she explained. “He’s very embarrassed and ashamed about his conduct. Through his shame and embarrassment he finds it hard to get it out. With you guys I think he’ll be much better. It will be easier for him to speak.”

Sharon continued her candid confession by admitting how difficult it has been for her to absolve Ozzy of his reported infidelity, saying, “It’s been very hard… But for me, I forgive. It’s going to take a long time to trust but you know we’ve been together for 36 years, 34 of marriage, and it’s more than half of my life. I just can’t think of my life without out him. Even though he is a dog. He’s a dirty dog .So there we are. He’s going to pay big.”