Roxy on your drive home

Roxy on your drive home

Mondays to Fridays, 3 – 7PM

Roxy is your #1 Valley girl! Born and raised in McAllen, TX, she is part of a huge family–so huge she feels she might be related to half the valley!

After starting her career in Houston, then moving to Corpus Christi, Roxy returned to the Rio Grande Valley and now has amassed over 2 decades of radio experience as a bilingual on-air personality who is proud of her RGV roots. She’s worked for top radio stations in different formats–from Tejano to Hip-Hop, to International and Rock. She’s also been part of station flips and revamps that lead to #1 ratings. 

Because of her radio longevity and consistency in the RGV, Roxy has created a household name for herself and is a solid brand in the market. She has secured several long-term endorsements in the past.

Roxy is 100% passionately committed to both her on-air role and live appearances. You just need to meet Roxy once, and you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever!

Catch her on the 107.9 RGV FM airwaves weekdays from 6 am to 12 pm!